Crowdfrica | The Coronavirus Relief Fund.

The COVID-19 pandemic has killed more than 22,030 people. Cases have been reported in Senegal, Togo, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia... Donations to this fund will help stop the spread of COVID-19 and support urgent response efforts in Ghana and across Africa.

$9,703.68 still needed
Kekeli needs $1500 more to get the $8,000 surgery he needs fight the hole-in-heart condition worrying him.

This condition was unknown until Bright got ill at the age of 5 years. He was initially diagnosed with Pneumonia but was later transferred to the Cardiothoracic Center at Korle-bu Hospital, where they found he has the heart defect.

Fully Funded
Help raise $568 to help correct Daniel’s Imperforate anus and also guarantee his heart surgery.

Daniel is a six-year-old boy, son of Beatrice Tetteh and Abrodie. When Daniel was born, he unfortunately had a congenital defect that resulted in an imperforate anus. He also has a hole-in-heart.

$614.00 still needed
Ellen, 43-year-old needs $172 to save her from loosing both eyes to Glaucoma and bilateral cataracts.

In the middle of 2016, Afriyie realized that she couldn't see things well. She bought a few medicines to start treating the problem but it kept worsening.

Fully Funded
Let us help fix baby Najma's whole-in-heart.

Najma needs an urgent whole-in-heart surgery in India.

$15,000.00 still needed
Help Samuel fight neck cancer

Help Samuel fight neck cancer

$6,252.00 still needed
Sarah Botchway from Ghana needs $650 for her eye surgery

Sarah Botchway is a three year old and lives in Ghana’s Central Region. As a baby, she developed an Epibulbar Dermoid Cyst, which is causing her to go blind in her left eye and experience discomfort...

Fully Funded
Baby Mawusi has frontal Encephalocele and needs $1,138 for surgery

Mawusi Sanu is a seven month old baby of Jennifer Asempa a twenty five year old Ghanaian woman who resides in Accra,Ghana.

Fully Funded
COVID19 | Education and food for the homeless.

Give Me Hope Foundation, an NGO in partnerships with Microwatch has launched education on COVID 19 to educate share food, sanitizers, robbing alcohols, masks, and gloves to the homeless, Kayayos, and the street children.

Fully Funded
Please help raise funds to save Rita

Rita has been very ill with fluid in the head and pus in the sinuses. A lot of money has been spent already and we have exhausted all avenues.

$9,987.65 still needed
Help fix Andy's Hole-in-heart. He needs $10,000 for urgent surgery.

Help fix Andy's whole-in-heart. He needs $10,000 for urgent surgery.

$9,401.00 still needed
Food for Ghana’s Frontline Project

The Food for Ghana’s Frontline Project will give temporary jobs to chefs and cooks who have lost their source of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic and also provide nutritious meals to frontline health workers who are working longer than usual shifts.

$49,973.30 still needed
Please help my mum

My mum has been a single mother for myself and my younger sister when we lost our dad in a car accident when I was ten years old. Life has been difficult but God has sustained us till today.

$4,845.16 still needed
Evelyn needs an emergency surgery to fight appendicitis.

Evelyn is a 18 year old senior high school final year student from Ghana who wants to be a news presenter in the nearest future. She fainted in school and now needs an emergency surgery to fight appendicitis...

Fully Funded
Samuel needs $14,907.54 a surgery to fight a complex hole-in-heart condition.

Samuel needs $14,907.54 a surgery to fight a complex hole-in-heart condition.

Fully Funded
Help little Adwoa to get a life-changing surgery

Adwoa has been suffering from a painful swollen cheek and needs an estimated amount of GHS 4000 to get urgent surgery by Tuesday, Dec 15, 2020.

Fully Funded
Please Help Ewurama raise $50000 to fight a strange illness - Multiple sclerosis

My name is Ewurama. I am 29 years and an Apssan, a yellow and completed In 2009. I live in Cape Coast Please had this strange illness called multiple sclerosis in 2011

Fully Funded
Help Anita be a Journalist

Help Anita be a Journalist

$6,653.27 still needed
Save Shim Kofi Nazzar

Fortunately, Shim has a donor but requires $35,000 to undergo the needed procedure. He needs our help to raise these funds.

Fully Funded
Mustapha Annan needs our help

Mustapha Annan is a 34-year-old mason. He lost his wife 3years ago. He has 3 kids. 3 years back while working as a mason he fell from a height.

$894.37 still needed
Little Precious needs $150 for a surgery to help him breath well.

Precious Doe is 8 months old baby diagnosed with Treacher-Collins Syndrome. Doctors have decided to perform a procedure to enable him to breath well.

Fully Funded
Christopher is a promising child from Ghana in need of $3,402 for a brain tumor surgery

Christopher is a promising child from Ghana in need of $3,325 for a brain tumor surgery

$2,699.63 still needed
Life-changing leg surgery for Richmond

Meet Richmond, he has a broken bone after a hit and run incident with an okada around Adenta.

$891.37 still needed
Baby Kay needs your help to hear and recite nursery rhymes like any normal kid

Meet Baby Kay, four and a half years old, and should be reciting nursery rhymes like his peers at school but he cannot.

$21,085.51 still needed
Jude needs $132 for surgery that could help him regain consciousness

Jude needs $132 for surgery that can help him have memories.

$117.57 still needed
Help save Lucretia from a brain tumor

Help save Lucretia’s life from a brain tumor

$3,040.00 still needed
Arihoona is a ten months old baby from Uganda who needs $250 to get Hydrocephalus surgery.

Baby Arihoona's parents Christopher and Irene managed to pay for his first surgery for Spina Bifida. But as peasant farmers, they are unable to afford the $250 urgent treatment their child needs now.

$211.00 still needed
Help little Samuel stand tall to fight a critical spinal cord disorder.

He is 8-years-old and an adorable child who aspires to be a doctor. He has been diagnosed with a critical disorder of the spinal cord.

$30,394.60 still needed
Help 11-years-old Felix fight Bloated Heart condition

Meet Felix, an 11-years-old boy from Ghana. For the past two years, Felix has been battling a heart problem.

$5,173.02 still needed
Daniel urgently needs $515 for a surgery to have a normal penis

Imagine life without being able to pass urine freely. One-year-old Daniel needs $515 for a surgery that will make it possible for him to urinate standing and from the tip of his penis.

Fully Funded
Victory for Sarah over severe brain tumor -Time is Running Out!

My name is Amoako Sarah Boateng and I come from Accra, Ghana. I am 22 years and have been diagnosed with a severe brain tumor that is causing me to lose my sight completely. Doctors said i need to get the surgery as soon as next month or two. I do not have enough time.

Fully Funded

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