Evelyn needs an emergency surgery to fight appendicitis.

Evelyn's story

Evelyn is a 18 year old senior high school final year student from Ghana who wants to be a news presenter in the nearest future.


Evelyn fainted in school and she was taken to their school clinic. She was later taken to the Sukura Community Hospital by her mother because she was experiencing abdominal pain and inability to pass gas. Evelyn was again referred to the Korle-bu Teaching hospital where she was diagnosed of appendicitis. Her doctors further explained that her condition is a medical emergency and required a prompt surgery at an estimated cost of $900 without national health insurance. Luckily, Evelyn has a national health insurance card and so the cost has come down to $400.


Evelyn stays with her brother and mother who sells braised rice to take care of them.


UPDATE: Evelyn's surgery was successful! Thanks to Hero Collections for their financial support and her classmates who showed love and contributed $90 support her.



Evelyn's Surgery is funded by

Cost Description Cost
Goal $400.00
Payment Processing $0.00
Operational Cost $0.00
Total $400.00

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