Baby Mawusi has frontal Encephalocele and needs $1,138 for Excision and Repair.

Sunu's story

Mawusi Sanu is a ten month old baby of Jennifer Asempa a twenty five year old Ghanaian woman who resides in Accra,Ghana. Jennifer says the baby’s father denied responsibility of the pregnancy and unfortunately the child was born with a medical condition known as Frontal Encephalocele.

This condition is a Neural Tube Defect{NTD} that is seen at the time of birth. It occurs when the neural tube is unable to close completely during the fourth week of pregnancy. The Neural Tube is a hollow, embryonic structure that gradually develops into the Central Nervous System{which comprises the brain and the spinal cord}.This in turn creates a gab or hole through which Cerebrospinal fluid, brain tissues and the membrane covering the brain protrude into a sac-like formation.

On June 14,2017, the Crowdfrica team went to the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, in Ghana and met with Neurosurgeons and experts to develop a treatment plan including counselling, laboratory tests, operation and recovery. She is scheduled to visit the hospital on different days for various lab tests to prepare her for August 30, 2017 when she is due for surgery. Additional funds needed to cover transportation and food has been added to the amount needed for her treatment. "I want my daughter to get well and become a doctor"- said Mawusi's mother.

We plead today to help us raise $1,138 to help Mawusi get the treatment she needs.



Cost Description Cost
Goal $1,003.00
Payment Processing $33.11
Operational Cost $101.00
Total $1,138.00

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