Support Baby Eliana now as she battle a hole-in-heart condition is this hard times

Baby Eliana was born on 23rd January 2020. From birth, she was underweight and had difficulty in breathing. She was diagnosed with a hole in the heart after being referred to Korle Bu Teaching Hospital.

$12,000.00 still needed
A new Laptop for Mike Perry Attara

Mike Perry Attara has been one of the awesome guys helping in various activities to grow the developer ecosystem in Ghana. Having lost his laptop and other stuff to thieves, .....

Fully Funded

The need to reach out especially to rural girls and women in urban slums and shanty towns, even In a lockdown, can not be overemphasized. Simply put, the natural and biological process of menstruation knows no pandemic. The inaccessibility of sanitary products coupled with the exorbitant tax placed on them, classified as luxury goods, makes it more expensive for poor women and girls to purchase.

$2,995.00 still needed
JONATHAN, DESMOND & CHARITY need your help to get a diagnosis of a condition called MUCOPOLYSACCHARIDOSIS

Meet JONATHAN, DESMOND & CHARITY from the central region of Ghana. They are 17,10 and 6-year-olds. They are schooling and aspire to be doctors and a nurse. This campaign is to help fund the diagnosis of a condition called MUCOPOLYSACCHARIDOSIS.

$713.00 still needed
COVID19 |Teenage mothers support

Girlstandout is raising 2000 cedis to support teenage mothers who are school dropouts and unemployed, giving them money so they can protect themselves and their children from contracting the virus. The mothers struggle to find food for themselves during this pandemic and especially during the lockdown period.

$346.00 still needed
COVID19 | Education and food for the homeless.

Give Me Hope Foundation, an NGO in partnerships with Microwatch has launched education on COVID 19 to educate share food, sanitizers, robbing alcohols, masks, and gloves to the homeless, Kayayos, and the street children.

Fully Funded

Fellows of the Africa Leadership Initiative (ALI) in Ghana are responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic through a #MaskUp #MaskUpGhana campaign. Funds already raised: GHS 17,500

$38,157.00 still needed
COVID-19 | Positive Mindframe

As Mindframe consulting, we recognize the importance of mental health and well-being and how everyone is affected by this pandemic. We want to help avoid/reduce stress, worry, anxiety by ...

$1,000.00 still needed
We need basic essential for teaching and learning

The school has a total population of over 200 pupils, due to inadequate furniture, pupils are compelled to sit on a bare floor which makes them feel uncomfortable to concentrate when teaching is going on.

$2,600.00 still needed
Crowdfrica | The Coronavirus Relief Fund.

The COVID-19 pandemic has killed more than 22,030 people. Cases have been reported in Senegal, Togo, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia... Donations to this fund will help stop the spread of COVID-19 and support urgent response efforts in Ghana and across Africa.

$9,709.00 still needed
Kekeli needs $1500 more to get the $8,000 surgery he needs fight the hole-in-heart condition worrying him.

This condition was unknown until Bright got ill at the age of 5 years. He was initially diagnosed with Pneumonia but was later transferred to the Cardiothoracic Center at Korle-bu Hospital, where they found he has the heart defect.

Fully Funded
Arihoona is a ten months old baby from Uganda who needs $250 to get Hydrocephalus surgery.

Baby Arihoona's parents Christopher and Irene managed to pay for his first surgery for Spina Bifida. But as peasant farmers, they are unable to afford the $250 urgent treatment their child needs now.

$221.00 still needed