Free health screening and sickle cell disease awareness campaign by Global Shapers Accra Hub.

To this end, the hub is working with our partners, Sickle Life, La Traditional community and others to drive advocacy on Sickle Cell Awareness for the month of September 2019.

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They are #humanstoo. The Gambaga Witch Camp Medical Outreach & NHIS Registration.

The Gambaga Witch Camp is a segregated community which is within the Gambaga township in the Northern Region Region of Ghana. These alleged witches are housed in the camp because they have been ostracized from the community for being witches.

$ 1646.00 still needed
Meet Samuel, he needs $20 for health insurance to support healthcare costs for next 2 years.

Hello, meet Samuel. He is a 68-year-old farmer from Ghana who has 8 children. As a farmer, regular health check-ups will help uncle Sam stay in good shape, but there is no health center in his village.

$ 20.00 still needed
Meet Ohira, she needs $20 for health insurance to support healthcare costs for next 2 years.

Meet Ohira, she was a hairdresser, age 55 years. Support her with $20 to enable her access to regular healthcare in her community.

$ 20.00 still needed
Give $20 to purchase two years health Insurance for Auntie Aba

Hello, meet 66-year-old Aba from Ghana. She is a seamstress in a farming village called Ohua where she has 4 children. With $20 Aba can be registered on the national health insurance scheme for two years..

$ 20.00 still needed
Give 2 years of national health insurance to Miriam to access regular healthcare.

Hello, meet Miriam from Ghana. A 9-year-old student, aspiring to be a nurse. Support her to be able to access regular health care anywhere she goes in her country.

$ 10.00 still needed
Help Joel sleep and grow like a normal kid. He needs money for urgent heart surgery.

Joel is a nine years old boy from Ghana. He loves going to school. It is Joel’s dream to be a professional footballer someday. He was only a baby when the doctors detected that he has down syndrome and hole-in-heart.

$ 8900.00 still needed
Victory for Sarah over severe brain tumor -Time is Running Out!

My name is Amoako Sarah Boateng and I come from Accra, Ghana. I am 22 years and have been diagnosed with a severe brain tumor that is causing me to lose my sight completely. Doctors said i need to get the surgery as soon as next month or two. I do not have enough time.

Fully Funded
Daniel urgently needs $515 for a surgery to have a normal penis

Imagine life without being able to pass urine freely. One-year-old Daniel needs $515 for a surgery that will make it possible for him to urinate standing and from the tip of his penis.

Fully Funded
Little Precious needs $150 for a surgery to help him breath well.

Precious Doe is 8 months old baby diagnosed with Treacher-Collins Syndrome. Doctors have decided to perform a procedure to enable him to breath well.

Fully Funded
Christopher is a promising child from Ghana in need of $3,402 for a brain tumor surgery

Christopher is a promising child from Ghana in need of $3,325 for a brain tumor surgery

$ 2700.50 still needed
Help raise $568 to help correct Daniel’s Imperforate anus and also guarantee his heart surgery.

Daniel is a six-year-old boy, son of Beatrice Tetteh and Abrodie. When Daniel was born, he unfortunately had a congenital defect that resulted in an imperforate anus. He also has a hole-in-heart.

Fully Funded