Help Save Gideon US$20,000 for URGENT BRAIN SURGERY

Gideon A. Atitsogbui was diagnosed with pituitary adenoma, a tumor that sits on the optic chiasm in his brain, and subsequently underwent surgery to have it removed.

$19,871.87 still needed
Computers For My School.

Computers For My School.

$1,054.00 still needed
Help Abdul aka Abanga stand on his feet again.

Help Abdul aka Abanga stand on his feet again.

$6,346.00 still needed
Crowdfrica | Medical help for Ukraine.

As you read, this beautiful home is being destroyed by Russia's invasion. And more than 900 civilians have died in Ukraine.

$49,465.00 still needed
Computers and uniforms for students in Kwahu Afram Plains Ghana

Computers and uniforms for students in Kwahu Afram Plains Ghana

$1,005.29 still needed
Help Manuel in securing on-campus accommodation.

It was a dream come true when I was admitted to KNUST, Ghana's top-tier science university, to pursue a four-year degree in Physics with Electronics.

$663.89 still needed
Fill ADJIKPO classroom with desks and books.

The Adjikpo Dokuyo community is one of the deprived ones in Yilo Krobo where we teachers sometimes have to go to homes nearby to borrow chairs for the pupils to use for learning. Our situation here needs urgent attention because most of the children have stopped coming to school despite our efforts to bring them back.

$4,999.21 still needed
Help save Lucretia from a brain tumor

Help save Lucretia’s life from a brain tumor

$3,038.00 still needed
Please help my mum

My mum has been a single mother for myself and my younger sister when we lost our dad in a car accident when I was ten years old. Life has been difficult but God has sustained us till today.

$4,845.16 still needed

Learners assist their parents by carrying their products to the market.

$1,274.00 still needed
Every Child Counts

About My Students Even though families of these students are financially constrained, The zeal, willingness, and passion to attend class and partake in all school activities is remarkably encouraging and worthwhile. Children do walk for an hour or more before getting to school.

$2,842.00 still needed
ICT learning with computers

ICT learning with computers Children need to be able to read to be able to understand and perform well in all the subjects we teach them. My students need supplies to practice and learn to read.

$370.00 still needed

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