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We are connecting people to bring healthcare and quality education to everyone in Africa.

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Meet our team of young hardworking people, our great advisors and volunteers we could not have created Crowdfrica without.

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Crowdfrica story

I was in my room and my mom came to me and asked for 20 Ghana cedis ($5 USD), to help take a man she called my brother to the hospital, because his sickness was getting worse and his family could not afford to take him to the hospital. I told my mother that the man has a wife and sister older than I am so why is she asking me? But I also told the truth that I had no money. She silently left and a week later she came up to me, and told me that the man had died. I was in shock, upset and distraught. I couldn’t help but think that this could happen to someone in my family, or a family close to me, and so I decided I had to do something about it. The next day, I visited clinics in nearby villages and spoke to the nurses and their patients about the major problems they are facing, and began drafting ideas how I could provide an appropriate solution.

How It Works

Fund a Campaign

Meet people in need of access to healthcare or find a classroom request that inspires you and donate as low as $5 to make it possible for them.

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We Do Our Part

When a campaign is fully funded, we transfer funds to the healthcare partner once treatment is confirmed. For health insurance, we do the registration for the person. When a classroom request is fully funded, we buy all requested materials and send them directly to the school.

Get Solid Updates

We send you solid updates like photos, videos, cost receipt and thank you letters.You will know the impact you have made.

Our Efficiency & Transparency

We know that you care about how effectively your donation is being used. That's why we show you how every dollar was spent, how you made a difference, and how grateful the health workers, patient, teachers and students are. View documents.


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