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Help 11-years-old Felix fight Bloated Heart condition

Meet Felix, an 11-years-old boy from Ghana. For the past two years, Felix has been battling a heart problem.

$5,173.02 still needed
Support Jennifer get the health insurance she needs!

Full of aspirations, Jennifer who loves cooking wants to become a doctor.

Fully Funded
Please help raise funds to save Rita

Rita has been very ill with fluid in the head and pus in the sinuses. A lot of money has been spent already and we have exhausted all avenues.

$9,987.65 still needed

Classroom Supplies


Learners assist their parents by carrying their products to the market.

$1,274.00 still needed
Reading and Learning aids projects

My students are eager and always ready to grasp new concepts, ideas, principles, generalizations among others when necessary learning mechanisms are structured very well.

$267.00 still needed
Crowdfrica | Medical help for Ukraine.

As you read, this beautiful home is being destroyed by Russia's invasion. And more than 900 civilians have died in Ukraine.

$49,465.00 still needed


Impact Stories

To date over 1000 people have been funded and given access to life-changing healthcare on and 2000 people have been educated on community health issues and health insurance.

Our Story

Randy, the founder of Crowdfrica was in his room when his mom came to him asking for GHS 20.00 ($5) to take his brother to get healthcare. He had no money on him and so he was unable to offer any. A week later, his brother died leaving them in shock and distraught. Read full story

How It Works

Fund a Campaign

Meet people in need of access to healthcare, find a classroom request that inspires you or an entrepreneur with a meaningful vision and donate as low as $5 to make it possible for them.

We Do Our Part

When a campaign is fully funded, we transfer funds to the healthcare partner once treatment is confirmed. For health insurance, we do the registration for the person. When a classroom request is fully funded, we buy all requested materials and send them directly to the school. For entrepreneurs, we transfer the funds to them directly once their total funding request has been achieved.

Get Solid Updates

We send you solid updates like photos, videos, cost receipts and thank you letters. You will know the impact you have made.

Our Efficiency & Transparency

We know that you care about how effectively your donation is being used. That's why we show you how every dollar was spent, how you made a difference, and how grateful the health workers, patients, teachers and students are.


"Crowdfrica is revolutionizing the act of crowdfunding for the African continent. For the first time, funds are being raised by people who come from the same community and have a deep understanding of their needs and processes."

Emily Sheldon

Director of Health Innovation, Impact Hub Accra

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