In the situation the pupils find themselves, they are forced to sit on the floor and also lay on their bellies for teaching and learning which makes it difficult for both teachers and the pupils, unlike the cities where pupils of various schools sit on tables and chairs and enjoy other educational amenities during class hours.

$10,046.35 still needed
Life-changing leg surgery for Richmond

Meet Richmond, he has a broken bone after a hit and run incident with an okada around Adenta.

$891.37 still needed
Help fix Andy's Hole-in-heart. He needs $10,000 for urgent surgery.

Help fix Andy's whole-in-heart. He needs $10,000 for urgent surgery.

$9,401.00 still needed
Let us help fix baby Najma's whole-in-heart.

Najma needs an urgent whole-in-heart surgery in India.

$15,000.00 still needed
Baby Kay needs your help to hear and recite nursery rhymes like any normal kid

Meet Baby Kay, four and a half years old, and should be reciting nursery rhymes like his peers at school but he cannot.

$21,085.51 still needed
Please Help Ewurama raise $50000 to fight a strange illness - Multiple sclerosis

My name is Ewurama. I am 29 years and an Apssan, a yellow and completed In 2009. I live in Cape Coast Please had this strange illness called multiple sclerosis in 2011

Fully Funded
Food for Ghana’s Frontline Project

The Food for Ghana’s Frontline Project will give temporary jobs to chefs and cooks who have lost their source of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic and also provide nutritious meals to frontline health workers who are working longer than usual shifts.

$49,973.30 still needed
Saving Lives Project

We aim at visiting 2 basic schools and 4 rural communities, to train the community members on how to make detergents, such as liquid soap, as well as donating Personal Protection Equipments for them.

$524.83 still needed
Help little Samuel stand tall to fight a critical spinal cord disorder.

He is 8-years-old and an adorable child who aspires to be a doctor. He has been diagnosed with a critical disorder of the spinal cord.

$30,394.60 still needed
Presby school needs help to complete their ICT and library block to improve ICT and literacy for students

In recent times, ICT has been the backbone of teaching and learning hence the need to help Presby school to complete their ICT and library block...

$3,541.00 still needed
Ellen, 43-year-old needs $172 to save her from loosing both eyes to Glaucoma and bilateral cataracts.

In the middle of 2016, Afriyie realized that she couldn't see things well. She bought a few medicines to start treating the problem but it kept worsening.

Fully Funded
Help little Adwoa to get a life-changing surgery

Adwoa has been suffering from a painful swollen cheek and needs an estimated amount of GHS 4000 to get urgent surgery by Tuesday, Dec 15, 2020.

Fully Funded

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