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Nordview's core principle is to educate the next generation of children who will grow up and hopefully create a better stronger society. 
Nordview is a bilingual nursery and primary school was established in 2015 and is in Bamenda. It is authorized by the ministry of basic education of Cameroon. We have 11 qualified teachers and an experienced manager. It is our desire to provide basic needs and a quality education for the children most affected by the ongoing war in Cameroon. It should be a basic human right for all children to go to school and not have to do so hungry. We need help to help these families keep their kids in school, with shoes on their feet and food in their stomachs. 

For four years these children have been denied education as a result of the ongoing conflict between separatists fighters military forces. With the easing of the tension is a timid return to school. Nordview is asking for help to solve the many challenges we are encountering as a result of the political upheaval. The following is a list of challenges and what how donations will help:

Many of the internally displaced kids come to school on empty stomachs. Many families were farmers and have been forced to flee from rural areas in the a North and Northeastern parts of Cameroon and have come to Bamenda city where the standard of living is higher. A school meals program has been launched to provide daily food to the students up on arriving. It is nearly impossible to learn whilst hungry, but the sustainability of this initiative will highly depend on donors participations.
We have many students who missed early childhood development stages such as kindergarten and will need extra help as they have been placed in their appropriate grades. This requires the recruitment of more teaching staff to lessen the ratio of staff per learners, so we can give the maximum attention to the students who are behind.

During the most tense period of the conflict, Nordview school was closed as ordered by the state, but the campus was squatted and the people who lived there ran down the building. The sewer systems are blocked, electrical cables were disconnected, sanitary equipment was either stolen or broken, classrooms and office doors were broken, school benches and chairs used as firewood. The list is long. Renovation is ongoing and with your donation we will more easily be able to provide a safe and clean school environment to our learners.
Government schools that offer cheaper tuition have all been closed or burnt down in the political struggle, leaving the poorer population to only have access to private schools such as Nordview Nursery and Primary school. Since 2016, 80% of the all the schools in Cameroon have been ruined or shut, which leaves the need for our school even more necessary. Most internally displaced families are unable to pay school fees, buy textbook etc.. due to jobs scarcity in Bamenda, Cameroon. We have lowered the yearly fee to 35€ a year to accommodate more children but even this price is too high for some families. We would like to offer free education for the most economically unstable families but without any funds, the costs of running the school must some how be funded and we hope you can help!

Information technology is the future. We desire to see these kids being offered lifetime opportunities to embrace technology at their tender ages. To achieve this we need to set up an Information technology center to prepare these kids for a brighter future.

We encourage you to please become a donor on this project. There's no amount too small. As you donate you can be sure that you are making a huge impact in the lives of these children. Most had almost lost hope to be educated, imagine a whole generation of uneducated people. Remember, the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow. Only self confident, educated children can become strong members of a well balanced society. We strive to offer children a future where they can make their own futures bright, regardless of economical strife.

Cost Description Cost
Supply Cost $2,500.00
Payment Processing $125.00
Fulfilment Cost $125.00
Total $2,750.00

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