Bridget Gives @ 27 - donate today to help me provide health insurance to the village of Ohua!

Bridget's story

In my first 2 weeks of being 27, I am fundraising in celebration and appreciation of Randy and his team for the example he has set and continues to set through his work at His sheer will to bring health insurance to underserved Ghanaians proves that young people can contribute to and build Africa.

In this effort, I am fundraising $2,000 through my family, friends, readers, and network in the U.S. and around the world to bring health insurance to the village of OHUA, in the Gamoa district in Ghana, for two years. I hope to raise awareness about, its mission and impact, and help the team continue to broaden the reach of their work.

Please join me. With a $5 donation, you can help me make my birthday wish of raising $2,000 and providing health insurance to the OHUA village come true.

I am so grateful.



OHUA is a small remote and isolated farming village located in the Gomoa district, central region, Ghana.  The beautiful people in the community are hard working and believe in good health and Education. Parents especially, work hard to make sure their children go to school even though most of them had no formal education.

The biggest problem Ohua is facing is access to healthcare. There is no health center in the community and the one they can visit is far away. This makes access to healthcare nearly impossible and very expensive for them and deprive a lot from seeking care when sick.

“People do not visit the clinic at all because they can not afford it. The few people who visit when sick are mostly those who have the health insurance. They have hope and we don’t have to close down because people are not coming.”-- said nurses at the Ngyiresi CHIP Compound. 


Bridget's birthday will fund health insurance for 200 people (children and adults) which includes all junior high school children, form 1,2, 3 and a number families in OHUA for two years. 

Image of OHUA junior high school, form 2.

Cost Description Cost
Year One $895.00
Renewal $895.00
Payment Processing $60.00
Fulfilment (labor & materials) cost $150.00
Total $2,000.00

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