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Tell: +233 555 941 094

Impact Hub Accra, F393/4, Otswe Street, Osu, Accra- Ghana


Frequently Asked Questions

What is

Crowdfrica is a global crowdfunding platform through which anyone anywhere can donate to fund healthcare and classroom supplies for people and public schools in need across Africa.

How did Crowdfrica came about?

After Randy's brother died because his family couldn't afford to take him to the hospital, he started crowdfrica to enable people with desire to help others in such situation, to do so. Read Full Story

How do I donate through Mobile Money?

Please select Mpower where you have to choose your preferred payment method and select your mobile money network to donate with. Thank you

Can I donate via a wire transfer?

Yes you can. Please contact us here : Thank you

Can I send Cheque or Cash ?

Yes. Please send the cheque to our office or call us

Tell: +233 (0) 555 941 094

Impact Hub Accra, F393/4, Otswe Street, Osu, Accra- Ghana.


Are you a Health Insurance Company?

Crowdfrica is not a Health Insurance Company. In Ghana we work with the National Health Insurance Authority, where we raise funds for people in high-need communities, for them to be registered under the NHIS and to have the accsess to medical treatment anytime they are sick for free

How Is Crowdfrica going to be Sustainable ?

We really want to be %100 sustainble by forming corporate partnerships and accepting tips on our platform.

Is my donation tax deductible?

No. We are very new and in the process of getting a 501(c)(3)status which will make your donations tax deductible. For now, we hope you can support a patients or classroom supplies for children in need with as little as $5. Thank you