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Special Liquid Soap

I am a young, small business owner making multi-purpose liquid soaps to supply my community. My soaps can be used for washing as well as bathing purposes. I am requesting a total of 4000 GHS to expand and scale my business. These funds will be used to purchase raw materials ..

$697.00 still needed
Organic(antioxidant) foods

Tree Solutions as an organization works on organic food projects such as ecological beekeeping, moringa products (dried leaves, seeds and powder), and oyster mushroom farming.

$1,545.00 still needed

Most farmers are now into illegal mining because of Post Harvest Loss. We produce Organic healing whole food that are rich in vitamins and minerals.

$1,264.00 still needed

To produce an intelligent handwashing machine with very little or no human manipulation to help fight the spread of COVID 19 and also promote hygiene since it is contactless thus reduces the risk of contracting the virus from surfaces.

$1,545.00 still needed
Production of value added mushroom products

JacFresh Mushroom enterprise solves two problems in one: we produce organic, healthy and nutritious mushroom foods and we contribute to environmental sustainability. We are requesting a total of 8,000 GHS to expand and scale our business.

$1,360.00 still needed
Spreading Viruses is Out, Handwashing is In

Sammy's Stand Enterprise is in a position to make hand washing simple and easy in public places. We provide quality metal stands, which hold water barrels firmly in their position to make washing of hands under running water an ease.

$15,390.00 still needed
Protecting the Community against Covid-19

Seeing the effect and toll unemployment has on the youth, I initiated a training program with the aim of equipping the youth to earn a living by themselves. This requested amount is intended to be used to call back the laid off trainees and as well recruit more youth for training.

$1,081.00 still needed
Chase the flavours

Serwaa Homemade Sobolo is a local drink locally made that provides your body with natural immune boosters to help fight diseases in your system and also can be used as a daily snack. The money will help me to purchase ingredients and items needed for production.

$1,501.00 still needed

I'm planning to expand the business by producing more of JANS PRODUCTS I need to about two people to help in production and sales, with this I hope the returns will also grow higher, in spending the amount raised, these are the exact needed things.

$1,720.00 still needed

As part of our contribution to complement the Government's effort in combating COVID-19, in the wake of the PPE shortage, the_phrempoma gave out nose masks made with African prints in the early days, during the lockdown. Very breathable, 100% cotton, and over 90% virus protection.

$1,724.00 still needed

To respond to that, Mushfam wants to process fresh Mushrooms into mushroom chips, mushroom bread and mushroom drinks. These products will not only help sustain the business but also boost the immunity of our customers against Covid-19 and other diseases.

$1,724.00 still needed
Disinfectant products

It is said that the virus settles on surfaces. To fight this we came up with products as Liquid soaps, floor cleaners spirit, and hand sanitizers to disinfect surfaces that the virus settles on

$1,176.00 still needed
Innovate, create jobs, save lives

With the emergence of Covid-19, Kei'n'em Ventures was born as a company with the sole vision to solve one of the major problems at hand being the shortage of Hand sanitizers in Ghana.

$1,432.64 still needed

The money will be used to purchase equipment to increase the production, and also to extend the facility to accommodate workers, so as to generate income to support community development and wellbeing of people.

$1,629.00 still needed
Wear It Save Lives.

The campaign, "wear it, save lives" is to share nose masks to the market women and to remind them of the reality of the virus and the importance of protecting themselves and their loved ones.

$1,178.00 still needed
Support for Firms affected by the Covid-19

To produce and readily make available affordable but high quality certified and approved disinfectants and toiletries to battle and overcome Covid 19

$1,203.00 still needed