With $5, Sarah can join the national health insurance for 2 years

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Sarah's story

Sarah Abekah is a quiet 9 year old girl from a village called Adaa in the central region of Ghana. Her parents, Faustina Koomson and John Abekah said, they immensely love their daughter because she loves going to school and wants to be a hair dresser. Both parents are farmers. In Sarah's village most people do not go to clinic at all because they can not afford it. With $5, Sarah can be registered to join the national health insurance for 2 years and enjoy free access to life-changing medical treatment anytime she is sick.

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Cost Description Cost ($)
Year One 2.00
Renewal 1.25
Payment Processing 0.75
Fulfilment (labor & materials) cost 1.00
Total 5.00

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