We need basic essential for teachin and learning

Kpalsogu's story

About my school
Kpalsogu Kura D/A primary school is where I have been posted to teach as a permanent staff. The school is at Tolon district precisely at the lingbun circuit, and most of its inhabitants are predominantly peasant farmers. 

The school has a total population of over 200 pupils, due to inadequate furniture, pupils are compelled to sit on a bare floor which makes them feel uncomfortable to concentrate when teaching is going on.

My class project
My pupils need exercise books, whiteboards, markers, pencils, and pens to aid them to write, and also, help the teacher to teach effortlessly with the marker board. 

We cannot have a quality education if the furniture, teaching, and learning materials, as well as a computer lab, are still not at our disposal 🙏
We, therefore, call on NGOs as well as individuals to come to our aid 🙏

Cost Description Cost
Supply Cost $2,600.00
Payment Processing $0.00
Fulfilment Cost $0.00
Total $2,600.00

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