Victory for Sarah over severe brain tumor -Time is Running Out!

Amoako's story

My name is Amoako Sarah Boateng and I come from Accra, Ghana. I am 22 years and I just started the Presbyterian Women's College of education. I want to be a teacher in future. In April 2019,  I was  diagnosed with a severe brain tumor that is causing me to lose my  sight completely. 

On October 2018, I lost vision in my left eye. I went to the Delcielo optical service but they could not diagnose what the cause for the lost vision in my left eye was. They referred me to the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital but Korle-Bu also could not tell what the problem was and it was the time for me to go to school so I left for school.
While I was in school, I realised that the vision in my right eye was becoming blurrier and blurrier. I explained it to my sister and she recommended Dr. Agarwal. When I went to see him, he requested an MRI scan and the diagnosis was that I have a brain tumor that  has been there for many years. From the symptoms they were making reference to,  I realised that the tumor has been developing for a long time. My menstrual cycle has been stopped for about six years, the headaches are very serious and I feel very weak and can not stand on my feet for very long. 

The diagnosis center told me that I can get my treatment in India at the Apollo Hospital. My medical report was sent to the hospital in India and they sent me a referral letter with a treatment plan and an estimated cost of $15,000 for treatment, meals, transportation (including flight tickets), VISA, accommodation (in India), and others for me and a companion. The Doctors say I need to get the surgery as soon as possible, in the next month or two. I do not have enough time. My family is doing all they can to help with all local preparations,  but I have exhausted all avenues to raise my funds  and so I am pleading with you to help me raise this money. 

Please HELP US as we Stand with Sarah to fight the deadly Brain tumor causing her to lose her sight and life.

YOU can help to save her life!
1) GIVE whatever you can. No donation is too small 
2) SHARE on social media (#SavingOurSarah)
3) EMAIL this page - - to your family + friends. 

Cost Description Cost
Goal $13,876.00
Payment Processing $414.00
Operational Cost $710.00
Total $15,000.00

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