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Gambaga's story

It was established in the 18th century to accommodate older women who are accused of witchcraft. The Gambaga Witch Camp is a segregated community which is within the Gambaga township in the Northern Region Region of Ghana. These alleged witches are housed in the camp because they have been ostracized from the community for being witches.

The camp has about 25 round huts and currently holds 85 older women with the youngest been 57years and eldest 89 years old according to Mr. Sampson Laar, caretaker of the camp. No health services or indoor plumbing are available to these women.

Some women at the witch camp.

Majority of these older women are widows whom it is believed their late husband's relatives accused them of witchcraft to possess the inheritance of the deceased. Others have been charged with using their witchcraft to bring misfortunes to the Gambaga community.  Some of them are mentally ill and menopausic (conditions with a huge knowledge deficit in Ghana). In Gambaga, the women are given protection by the local chief and in return, pay him and work in his fields. Reports received from the caretaker of the camp Mr. Sampso Laar shows the majority of these older women have deteriorating health.

Crowdfrica is working with Quik Medical Consult to provide free health education, medical screening, and national health insurance to all 85 women. The project will help them understand their health status, rights, and have access to regular healthcare without worrying much about the cost.  Donate any amount to help make it possible for them.

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