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Glatom's story

Support For Glatom Acadamy School

Madam Gladys started the Glatom Acadamy school in 2017 to provide education to out of school children in a poor community she finds herself. But due to lack of funds or support, the school lacks essential resources to give these children the best education it could.

Madam Gladys is a widow and a trained early childhood educator.  When Gladys come back into the Atwima -Boko Ahodwo community in Kumasi, she found many children out of school and walking around during school time. When she asked the parents why their children are not in school,  they told her they do not have money. 

As an early childhood educator, she knows how important education is #ForEveryChild and felt sorry for them. "it is not the rich alone that have to get an education; the poor also have to get an education."  Madam Gladys then started Glatom school so that all these children and newborns in the community can get an education. Parents do not pay school fees; instead, they pay GHS 3.00 ($0.55) daily for food and other basic needs the school also provides. 

Due to lack of funds or support, the school lacks essential resources like crayons, textbooks, exercise books, toys, and even Whiteboards for teachers to write on and give these children the best education it could.

About student.
The school has 153 students, 84 boys, and 69 girls, between two years and seventeen. 

Gladys and the teachers seek your support to get these needed classroom resources below to enable excellent teaching and to learn in the school. Also, to give every child national health insurance to allow them to get access to almost free healthcare when they need it. 

Class Details
Glatom Acadamy School (Nursery - primary 5)
Teacher: Madam Gladys 
Number of students - 153
Number of girls - 69
Number of boys -84
*This classroom project will impact 153 children and their teachers.

Please view full budget here :  FULL BUDGET BREAKDOWN


Cost Description Cost
Supply Cost $804.70
Payment Processing $24.00
Fulfilment Cost $82.00
Total $911.00

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