Spreading Viruses is Out, Handwashing is In

Kuma's story

Sammy's stand Enterprise is a small scale business based in Kumasi-Ghana. This is an unprecedented time, a time where due to the spread of Covid-19, day to day activities around the world are limited. The Pandemic has affected millions of lives around the world and need, now more than ever, for people to  protect themselves from these deadly viruses. Handwashing is one of the best solutions for both stopping the spread of the virus and keeping you safe. 

Sammy's Stand Enterprise is in a position to make hand washing simple and easy in public places.  We provide quality metal stands, which hold water barrels firmly in their position to make washing of hands under running water an ease.
Our solution includes a paddle which you step on, allowing water to flow with no contact required. It is easy to use for people of all ages. 
Your donations will help us provide these metal stands for institutions like hospitals , schools , churches , and some vantage points in our communities and even the door steps of people.

Your donations will help us get equipment like welding,spraying machines and other materials to provide these stands in large quantities.
We will be very grateful for supporting our idea by donating to this project. Help us promote this vision by placing it on your other social media platforms.

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Supply Cost $0.00
Payment Processing $86.00
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Total $1,807.00

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