Saving Lives Project

Hiqmat's story

The Corona Virus Pandemic is persisting and getting worse. However, many local folks do not believe in the existence of this deadly virus. Others are still ignorant about what it is all about and how they should protect themselves against it.
Hiquie Sung Joy Network saw the need to create awareness on this, to educate the masses, especially those in rural communities and people who have no or low access to updates on the virus. This led to the initiating of the project called *Saving Lives Project*
Join us and let's help educate others.
We aim at visiting 2 basic schools and 4 rural communities, to train the community members on how to make detergents, such as liquid soap, as well as donating Personal Protection Equipments for them.
Please support this initiative and let's all help in saving lives during and beyond this pandemic.

Kindly send your contribution or donation, dial *789*11# on your phone. Enter campaign code 117 and proceed to donate with any network.
Contact 0247254326 or 0207606140 for more information about also supporting in kind. Thank you all.

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Total $548.00

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