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UPDATE: This Campaign is Stopped.
Its with a heavy heart that we announce the heavenly call of our brother, husband, father and friend Shim Kofi Nazzar. He was confirmed dead at Lekma Hospital in Ghana at 10:20pm (GMT) this evening 30th August 2020.
We would like to extend our profound gratitude to all and sundry who contributed in cash, kind and prayers in our bid to save his life.
God bless you all.

In due time, the family will send out further information.
God bless us all and keep us in good health.

The fund raising towards his transplant is over at this point is over.

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Shim Kofi Nazzar is 36years old married man with two children. Shim is an alumnus of Mawuli Senior High School and Keta Senior High School. He went on to do Network Engineering at the tertiary level. Prior to his ailment, Shim worked with Angel Data and Telecom Service as their Networking Supervisor.

In the early part of 2017, Shim developed some health complication which was diagnosed as hypertension. While being treated for this, his health continued to deteriorate and this called for further medical investigation. He was subsequently diagnosed with kidney failure in June 2019. Ever since he was diagnosed with kidney failure, Shim has had to undergo regular dialysis costing $150 every week. It is sad that a healthy breadwinner, all of a sudden turns into a burden on his family.


Shim’s wife who has been the sole breadwinner after his ailment also had to quit her job to take care of him. Currently, his hospital bills for dialysis and other expenses are being catered for by some few close friends and relatives but for how long?

Shim’s kidneys are completely damaged and to complicate issues, he developed a mild stroke earlier this month. The only way to keep him alive is to undergo a kidney transplant. Fortunately, he has a donor and requires financial assistance to enable him to undergo the surgery.

Shim and his family want a normal life again and are appealing to friends, loved ones, and sympathizers all over the world to assist him to raise US$35,000.00 for transplant surgery.

Despite this unfortunate condition, Shim is very hopeful that humanity will come to his aid. He is in good spirits and strongly believes he can make it with your help.

If you are touched by Shim’s story, kindly donate the little you can to save Shim.

Cost Description Cost
Goal $35,000.00
Payment Processing $0.00
Operational Cost $0.00
Total $13,623.00

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