Rita needs $1,400 to fight a complex hole-in-heart she is suffering from.

Rita's story

Rita Annor is a 10 year old girl from Ghana who wants to become a teacher in future, but she was born with a complex hole-in-heart condition called tetralogy of fallot which was realized when she was around 7 years old.


The national Cardiothoracic Center at Korle-bu Teaching Hospital proceeded to correct this heart defect in two stages, first of which involved the surgical creation of a shunt to increase blood flow to her lungs on the 15th May, 2015 that cost $2,500.

She is now due for the second stage repair involving open heart surgery.

The cost of the surgery, anesthesia, intensive care and hospital admission for ten days is eight thousand US dollars ( $8,000.00). With the help of a nonprofit called Engage Africa, the Ghana Education Service and love from family and friends, Rita has raised some money and is left with $1,358 for her to receive this lifesaving surgery which has been delayed since February, 2017.

Rita lost her father at age 7 and mother when she was 8 years old. Her wish is to get the treatment and focus on her education to become a good teacher.


Cost Description Cost
Medical Cost $1,358.00
Payment Processing $42.00
Operational Cost $0.00
Total $1,400.00

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