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MRS.Dziedzorm's story

Read galore 

About My Students
My students are hardworking. Academically, my students are poor. They enjoy and are active in activities outside the classroom. They don’t enjoy lessons and I think it is the lack of appropriate materials to help to arouse their interest. With the provision of these materials, my students will do better and it will improve their reading skills and performance in class.
Reading difficulties

My Class Project
This project is aimed at helping pupils of Addokope JHS, Ada read fluently in English and French. In pursuit of this, several activities have been designed for Friday afternoons to help my students read
With the help of a projector, learning materials can be downloaded and projected for students during class reading activities.

Number of students - 37
Number of girls - 17
Number of boys - 20


Teacher: MRS. Dziedzorm
School:   Addokope D/A JHS
Class: JHS 2

Cost Description Cost
Supply Cost $221.00
Payment Processing $11.00
Fulfilment Cost $33.00
Total $265.00

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