Please help my mum

Hagar's story

My mum has been a single mother for myself and my younger sister when we lost our dad in a car accident when I was ten years old. Life has been difficult but God has sustained us till today. 

On 16th December 2021, my mum was involved in an accident that claimed 5 lives on the spot. She was sent to the hospital close by and later transferred to Korle Bu Teaching Hospital for intensive care. My mum has been there waiting for surgery. I have been asked to pay money for her to be treated but I do not have. I completed Secondary school in 2021 and without any proper work. I have spent the little I saved for my admissions on her medical supplies and am currently left with nothing.

I am pleading for help, an urgent one for my mother's surgery. I have appealed to several individuals but have received nothing. Please help me bring back my mum to normal life.

Thank you.

Cost Description Cost
Goal $4,500.00
Payment Processing $135.00
Operational Cost $225.00
Total $4,860.00

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