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St. Nicholas R/C primary school is located in a community called LAAKPALI in the Tatale-Sanguli district of the northern region Ghana-West. The school has a pupil population of 220 and was built by the Scottish government.

 The school lacks basic educational materials such as tables and chairs, reading and exercise books, stationaries, and also school uniforms. In the situation the pupils find themselves, they are forced to sit on the floor and also lay on their bellies for teaching and learning which makes it difficult for both teachers and the pupils, unlike the cities where pupils of various schools sit on tables and chairs and enjoy other educational amenities during class hours. Laakpali is a farming community situated south of Tatale the district capital.

 It has about five sub-communities, which have an estimated population of about 1,600 habitants. It’s about 39kilometres from the district capital, Tatale. As the future of every nation depends on child education, The People’s Hope Foundation Africa (TPHFA), in partnership with National Consortium for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO-GH), has taking it upon ourselves to help provide them with the needed educational materials but has limited resources.

We are appealing to all religious groups, corporate institutions, and private organization to help us aid the pupils of St Nicholas RC primary school with the above-mentioned educational materials.

YOU can  also donate through BANK 
Bank Name: GT Bank Ghana
Account Name: Crowdfrica Organisation
Account Number: 206 108413 6 111.
Bank Branch: Labone
*Reference (Enter Campaign ID):  130

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Cost Description Cost
Supply Cost $9,334.00
Payment Processing $513.00
Fulfilment Cost $931.00
Total $10,781.00

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