Nothing Happens If Nothing Happens

Reuben's story

Nothing happens if nothing happens.

👋🏾 Heya you reading this. On Saturday, April 24, 2021, I’m going to challenge myself to ride from Takoradi to Accra for my 2-week school break.

Here’s is why you should be interested and help out.
It doesn’t take much to make something big happen.
Life is for the living but how many of us are living. The past year has been very challenging for everyone; people have lost jobs, students introduced to new forms of learning,families breaking banks for loved ones for health care.

We have all endured and suffered in a way or the other and still living. As a student, I’ve had my fair share of COVID and life as a young adult.

In living life and appreciating whatever life threw at me,

I’m once again challenging myself to ride 237KM from TAKORADI TO ACCRA (237KM)

as a way of fun and a challenge to myself. In having fun and living life, I’ve noticed that my place of escape - Twitter, has been my place of worry and thinking - there isn’t a day where there won’t be a post for donations. I believe I am not the person to solve the world’s problems but it takes ✌🏾 to Tango. With our little efforts we can help our communities.

I implore you reading this to HELP ME OUT! There are many fundraisers that are far away from their targets. I’d like you to challenge me with GHS 10 to ride a kilometre for your donations to these unaccomplished fundraisers (will post below) and any charity on your heart. 

There are other charities I’d love if you could donate to too. 
⁃ Ghana Cleft Foundation, Kumasi - (FREE corrective surgeries for children with cleft and palate lips.)
⁃ Chalé Foundation, Accra. -(Health & Education for Special Children)
⁃ Little Steps Foundation, Kumasi - (Childhood Cancer)
These charities are doing amazingly well and would need your generous gift and donations.

::. Tag me with your donations SS #ReubenRidesII
Be kind to me when you see me on the road. 
Kindly RT when this appear on your TL. 
Thank you. 

Cost Description Cost
Goal $1,729.00
Payment Processing $51.00
Operational Cost $53.00
Total $1,833.00

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