Kekeli needs $1500 more to get the $8,000 surgery he needs to fight the hole-in-heart condition worrying him.

Kekeli's story

Meet 6 years old Bright from Ghana born at Ashiaman. He is a student who aspires to be a medical doctor in the future. He has been diagnosed by doctors at the Korle-bu Teaching Hospital of having a hole-in-heart condition called Tetralogy of Fallot with a modified BT Shant. 

 This condition was unknown until Bright got ill at the age of 5 years. He was initially diagnosed with Pneumonia but was later transferred to the Cardiothoracic Center at Korle-bu Hospital, where they found he has the heart defect.  

"I have been able to pay $6,500 of the $8,000 needed for my son's life-changing surgery. We parents are currently jobless and appeal to some organizations has not yielded any result. " -Father, Mr. Francis.

We might lose Kekeli or deprive him of his full potentials as a human.

Cost Description Cost
Medical Cost $1,500.00
Payment Processing $0.00
Operational Cost $0.00
Total $1,500.00

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