Jolly GooDness.

PEB's story

As a firm and avid believer in growth, We agree with every life matters. Over the past three years, a team of young vibrant teens teamed up to form the PEB Foundation. Non-governmental and non-partisan social agents committed to creating long term and sustainable values for individuals in our communities. We are made up of young minds ready and willing to take on the world, improves lives while making an impact – starting from our community. Our focus is on Education, Health, and other pressing social issues. 

The mission of The PEB Foundation is to build, find, and support programs that directly improve the education, health, and well-being of children and their families.

PEB Foundation

A world where all have access to good education, medical care, and our societies are supported and actively involved in the process - is our vision.

Funds received will all be geared towards
1) Our Education Projects - KidsAids, Sets4All, LearningAidCampaign, and ProjectLibraries
2)Health Campaign - Thus the HealthCheck.
3) JollyGoodness Yearly Event


We urge you all to donate to make these dreams come alive as possibilities. How would our lives be without the privileges or support of others? #EveryLifeMatters 

Check Out our pages and programs -

Cost Description Cost
Supply Cost $5,993.00
Payment Processing $299.00
Fulfilment Cost $0.00
Total $6,292.00

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