Patience's story


Children at Agogoso D/A, basic two need help with already made flashcards  to be able to pronounce words and read perfectly. 

About My Students
Agogoso is a farming community in the Atwima Mponua district. They deal with plantains, cassava, yams and vegetables . Pupils normally come to school barefooted and also do not have access to stationeries such as exercise books, textbooks, sketch pads, pencils, erasers, crayons etc. Parents are reluctant to provide these materials to their wards, which makes teaching and learning difficult.  Most of the pupils also prefer to go to farm instead of coming to school. What is interesting about my students is the readiness of the pupils to learn.

My Class Project
My project is aimed to help each pupil pronounce a word correctly  and form a sentence with it.
My pupils need flash cards that have words on them. Pronunciation of words has become a great problem for them. There’s no  flash cards for them to use. I normally make some for them but due to the class size, sometimes I find it difficult to make them. They are sitting in groups, with seventeen people in each group. I wish each group would have their own already made flash cards of the English Alphabets and Flash cards for Ghanaian Language that will be the best for them. 

Number of students - 100
Number of girls - 51
Number of boys - 49

project budget

Teacher: Mrs. Patience 
School: Agogoso D/A Basic class 2
Class: Class 2 (A & B)

Cost Description Cost
Supply Cost $65.00
Payment Processing $3.00
Fulfilment Cost $13.00
Total $81.00

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