MR.Shadrach's story


About My Students
Learners assist their parents by carrying their products to the market. Other parents will want them to stay and sell for them, precisely Tuesdays and Fridays, despite this challenge pupils still go all the way to come to school, though they come late.
They are hardworking students and most of them are good academically.

My Class Project
The school has no computers and Information Communication and Technology (ICT) laboratory. This makes the teaching of ICT a challenge. I have to use my personal Information Communication and Technology (ICT) equipment to teach and also improvise where necessary. One important practice for teaching and learning ICT is the ability to practice. One can only practice effectively using a computer. However, most of the pupils I teach do not own computers in their homes and school. The only way out is for the pupils to alternate using my personal laptop and projector. Even though I make every effort to teach after class hours for free, only a few avail themselves because the majority of them run errands for their parents before and after school. 
Every sphere of life (Children, Youth, Educated, and Uneducated) will have to bridge the gap in digital literacy. That everybody, especially learners will have to be exposed and linked to the information superhighway. 
These materials listed below will be used during ICT lessons to teach the practical aspect of ICT to the students.

Number of students - 45
Number of girls - 23  
Number of boys - 22 

project budget

Teacher: MR. Shadrach 
Class: JHS 3

Cost Description Cost
Supply Cost $1,064.00
Payment Processing $53.00
Fulfilment Cost $157.00
Total $1,274.00

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