Ict learning with computers

Prince's story

ICT learning with computers  

Children need to be able to read to be able to understand and perform well in all the subjects we teach them. My students need supplies to practice and learn to read.

About My Students
My students are not that bad, they are always ready to learn new things. I know they will do better if provided with the necessary materials they need to study.
My class always learns ICT without practicals which are affecting their performance. But with the provision of ICT textbooks, TLM charts, and computers my students will improve in ICT.

My Class Project
My project is that I need some desktop computers to be able to teach them. Since we always do theory, it is about time we teach them well so they can go out and apply their skills. Every teacher has 3 periods to teach the subject. With the provision of the computers, I’m going to use 2 periods to teach and the remaining 1 period for the practical lessons every day for students to get used to using the computer and understand how it works.  The textbooks and TLM charts will be used during lessons to engage students and not bore them with my lecture.
This will help my pupils to have much knowledge about ICT.

Number of students - 79
Form 1 -   18
Form 2 -    33
Form 3 -    29  

project budget
Teacher: MR. Prince 
School:  Volivo-Lanor Presby D.A
 Class:  JHS 1,2, and 3

Cost Description Cost
Supply Cost $309.00
Payment Processing $15.00
Fulfilment Cost $46.00
Total $370.00

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