Help raise $568 to help correct Daniel’s Imperforate anus and also guarantee his heart surgery.

Daniel's story

Daniel Abladey is an adorable six-year-old boy, son of Beatrice Tetteh and Abrodie. When Daniel was born, he, unfortunately, had a congenital defect that resulted in an imperforate anus. This means he was missing the hole at the end of his digestive tract and had no way to pass stool. Daniel’s parents quickly reported his condition to the general hospital who referred him to Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, where a temporary passage was created on his abdomen connected to a colostomy bag, allowing Daniel more time to develop before a permanent surgical solution. 

It was determined that Daniel has developed to stage where he is now safe and ready for correctional surgery to fix the anorectal malformation. However, amidst the comprehensive medical tests, the physicians sadly found out that Daniel also has a rare congenital heart disease called Pink Tetralogy of Fallot (PTOF). This condition obstructs proper blood flow in Daniel’s heart, causing poor oxygenation of his blood. The only way to fix this condition is with a complex open heart surgical procedure. 

Daniel’s family has been able to secure the total funds needed for the heart surgery, but have only been able to partially pay for the anorectal surgery. They are only GHS2000 (two thousand Ghana cedis) short, and the anorectal surgery needs to be completed before the open heart surgery. 

Please consider donating to Daniel’s campaign and saving the life of this young boy. Help us raise $530 (GHS2500 ) to cover the remainder of his anorectal surgery (additional GHS500 food and transport during treatment), and support this family who has dedicated themselves to saving Daniel. He comes from two hard-working parents who have never given up on their son, even though he is six and still has not started school due to his conditions.  His father Abrodie is a fisherman and his mother Beatrice is a food merchant, but unfortunately she lost her job because of Daniel’s conditions. 

Cost Description Cost
Goal $1,100.00
Payment Processing $55.14
Operational Cost $26.50
Total $1,182.00

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