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Most farmers are now into illegal mining because of Post Harvest Loss. A world bank report estimates that the value of Post Harvest Loss in Sub-Saharan Africa could potentially reach nearly US $4 billion a year out of an estimated annual value of grain production of US$27 billion

recorded tomatoes at 37.5%
recorded Mango at 45.6%
recorded Yam at 31.4%

It is estimated that the country loses about $700,000 annually on Post Harvest Loss. These figures are alarming as risk in food security is very high. Western Hills Organic's has developed an innovative processing system to process farm excesses into quality convenience healthy food, snacks, beverages and cereals. The farmers' excesses will be utilized at all steps of the value chain from production to consumption.
The fund will be directed towards improving capital equipments, expanding distribution, increasing the team, marketing and sales. Specifically, the money will go towards: 
•Dry food grinder
•Digital scale
•Industrial blender
•Juice extractor
•Speed slicer
•Distribution van
•Renting production facility
•Renting sales outlet
and other variable and fixed cost.

Team Western Hills Organic's is very passionate about our work because of the impact we are making on the environment and in the lives of people. We are committed to providing the highest quality, fresh and natural foods without artificial ingredients, high level of sodium, added sugar, color, artificial flavors and additives.We produce Organic healing whole food that are rich in vitamins and minerals.We are pushing agenda Responsible Production and Consumption, Good Health and Well-being to a success. We process the excesses of farmers into healthy snacks, immune booster drinks, food and food products. This is solving the challenge of food security, food wastage and economic growth.
We are giving Decent Work and Economic Growth to single mother's and school dropouts. 60% of our workers will be female. This is also tackling No Poverty, Gender Equality, and Zero Hunger.
People who have diverted from farming to illegal mining will start farming because their farm produce will be purchased and Life on Land and Climate Action will be achieved. This makes us proud to be contributing greatly towards the achievements of the Sustainable Development Goals.
We will like to thank you for taking the time to check out our campaign. We greatly appreciate any contribution towards helping us produce quality convenience healthy food from farmers excesses.
Your contribution is paramount for us to make this project happen. Many thanks for your help.
Please share the link to this campaign with as many people as you know to make it possible! THANK YOU:)
If you like the sound of our project, we would be immensely grateful if you could share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other social media outlet you prefer (and of course via email).

About GrEEn Crowdfunding Project
Crowdfrica now hosts young entrepreneurs innovating for COVID-19 response in the Ashanti and Western Regions of Ghana! This project is part of the United Nations Capital Development Fund’s “Boosting Green Employment and Enterprise Opportunities in Ghana – (GrEEn)”, which is a four-year action aimed at creating greater economic and employment opportunities for youth, women and returning migrants by promoting and supporting sustainable, green businesses in the Ashanti and Western regions of Ghana. The project is implemented by UNCDF and SNV Netherlands Development Organization under the European Union Emergency Trust Fund for Africa.

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