Help 72 grandma fight stroke and potential Kidney failure

Gladys's story

It started when she is about to dry her dress on a line and she fell on the ground about a month ago we went to Korle Teaching for treatment, she was ok by then and one week later started having pains in between and beneath her breast too. So we taught it was an ulcer so we took her to KD medical center. I  later saw that my mother could not breathe well so I asked the Doctor to refer us to Korle-bu. it seems to be like a stroke she has right now, and we have spent a lot of money. Right now we need financial support to help my mother. God bless all thank you

NB: Crowdfrica is in the process of getting Gladys's medical report and details will be updated.

Cost Description Cost
Goal $1,000.00
Payment Processing $30.00
Operational Cost $50.00
Total $1,080.00

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