Every Child Counts

Miss.Magdalene's story

Every Child Counts

About My Students
Even though families of these students are financially constrained, The zeal, willingness, and passion to attend class and partake in all school activities is remarkably encouraging and worthwhile. Children do walk for an hour or more before getting to school. The people of Kwabeng are sociable but hardly do take education very seriously, Hence making the literacy rate of the community minimal. Basic amenities such as learning materials and desks necessary for students to be able to adequately comprehend topics taught are minimal at the school. The students have also been deprived of the school feeding program hence some students go the whole day during school hours with no food.
My Class Project

Our school lacks textbooks, storybooks, and learning kits, Due to this learning has been made difficult and cumbersome affecting both the primary and kindergarten class hence affecting their learning abilities. Both students in lower and upper primary find it very difficult to express themselves in English. Hopefully, when these materials are provided at the primary level it will help improve upon mental and intellectual capacity.

Class 4
Number of students - 48
Number of girls - 26
Number of boys -22

Class 5
Number of students - 18
Number of girls - 15
Number of boys -13

Class 6
Number of students - 39
Number of girls - 20
Number of boys -19

project budget
Teacher: Miss Magdalene Martin
School: Kwabeng R/C
Class: 4 to 6

Cost Description Cost
Supply Cost $2,371.00
Payment Processing $119.00
Fulfilment Cost $356.00
Total $2,846.00

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