Ellen, 43-year-old needs $172 to save her from loosing both eyes to Glaucoma and bilateral cataracts.

Ellen's story

Ellen Afriyie is a 43-year-old woman who is from Akusey, Ghana.  In the middle of 2016, Afriyie realized that she couldn't see things well. She bought a few medicines to start treating the problem but it kept worsening.

Afriyie visited a couple of hospitals such as Akusey Hospital, Labadi General Hospital, she then proceeded to Korle-Bu and then finally to Pentecost Hospital. It was discovered that Afriyie has Glaucoma and bilateral cataracts. Both eyes got affected, but doctors say due to delay in treatment, they can not do anything about one but can help save the remaining one. Ellen cannot afford treatment because of financial problems.

She has a 9-year-old daughter called Frimpoma. Ellen is a seamstress but she aspires to go into the mobile money business because she feels that the mobile money business is more stable and profiting. Ellen can't sew properly due to her condition.
She also needs support to be able to get an apartment to feel comfortable since she has disabilities. She was helpless and hopeless until she met a friend who introduced her to Crowdfrica. Ellen believes that with Crowdfrica she will be able to get treatment.

Ellen will go blind if her condition is not treated. Ellen wants to see her daughter grow and achieve her aspirations. Ellen needs your help and assistance to be able to see well again and take care of her beautiful daughter. 

Cost Description Cost
Goal $172.00
Payment Processing $7.00
Operational Cost $0.00
Total $179.00

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