COVID19 | Prevention against the pandemic

Xu's story

The Xu Marie foundation is raising $5,000 to help reduce the spread of the virus. They will use the funds to educate the less privileged in society about the pandemic and teach them how to protect themselves and their families using English, French, Twi, Ewe, etc. They aimed at providing food items and other basic needs to help the population observe the lockdown regulations to help reduce the spread of the virus. 

They will go door to door to educate people in the Ashanti region, using the Twi language, and avoid direct contact. If possible with more funds, they will extend the campaign to Togo and La Cote D'I voire. 

In Ghana, they will start with Greater Accra, Ashanti Region, and the Western Region. They plan to use the funds to educate the underprivileged, provide them with free sanitizers, face masks, and hand gloves. 

Cost Description Cost
Medical Cost $0.00
Payment Processing $250.00
Operational Cost $0.00
Total $5,000.00

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