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Improving numeracy skills 

About Students

Most of the students come from illiterate and low-income family backgrounds, and the majority do not live with their parents. They are staying with foster parents who are not able to provide the needed learning materials for them, especially in these trying times of Covid-19. 

The students are generally fantastic, and they always try to learn every day despite the challenges. Another unique thing about them is their zeal to learn and share ideas. With the closure of schools, students are supposed to continue learning in the house, but there are no appropriate textbooks for them, especially when they want to practice on their own. Currently, the students are 21 (11 girls and 10 boys).

About my project

My students face the challenge of poor numeracy skills. They need textbooks to learn to improve their skills. I can also use one in class to assist in teaching. My students have the enthusiasm to learn, but there is not even a single textbook for mathematics available for them to practice and learn. This situation is resulting in students performing low in their exams because guardians are not able to buy them the books.

Due to the closedown of schools, I engaged my students via phone calls, text messages, or WhatsApp through their parent’s phones. All these are at the teacher’s cost without any support. These have not been effective because parents are often not available at the times the students are needed. When given assignments and tasks, the students are not able to do them because they do not have the required textbooks to refer to and execute the tasks. They are also not able to learn or revise on their own because they lack the materials needed, mainly Mathematics textbooks.

Twenty-one mathematics textbooks are needed to help improve numeracy skills, as well as some airtime for the teacher to reach out to the students, check upon them,  as they are still home. When schools finally reopened, these materials will help us immensely with teaching and learning.

We are planning to introduce quiz competitions on mathematics every week when we go back to school, and these books, whiteboard and markers will be helpful. There will be a lot of fun, and it will encourage my students to make good use of the books. Getting them these books to use while they are home will not only support them to practice the distance learning mathematics programs on radio and TV by the government. But also keep their brains active for back in-class activities to catch up faster after many months of class lessons COVID19 has taken away from them.

Thank you in advance for contributing to give my students and me to help improve our numeracy skills.

Teacher: Mr. Alhasan
Grade/Form: Junior High School 1
🏫   Islamic JHS

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