COVID19 | Education and food for the homeless.

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Our team is made up of members and volunteers raising $2000 to needed help to the homeless, kayayos, and street children in this COVID19 times.
The funds will help feed them three times a week during this COVID-19 pandemic. Give Me Hope Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organisation in partnerships with Microwatch has launched education on COVID 19 to educate share food, sanitizers, robbing alcohols, masks, and gloves to the homeless, Kayayos and the street children.

The team also goes to communities to perform health screening, educate the homeless, and underprivileged about the pandemic, teach them about social distancing and handwashing. Unfortunately, many of the underprivileged do not know Covid-19 exists. Darkuman, which has about 300 kayayos, is one place the team goes to with a police escort.

Give Me Hope sensitization and support to head porters to stop spread COVID19

About Give Me Hope Foundation.
Give Me Hope Foundation represents the resurgence or the rebirth of a group of people with a heart, ready to sacrifice part of their possessions to salvage the souls of many who are in dire need. We also believe that the kind of care people need is not the abused ‘love’ we experience, but true empathy, deep affection, a total sense of belonging, a love beyond mother’s compassion, and true agape love.

The foundation has 230 volunteers and 100 members. Monetary appreciation gestures are given to volunteers. Transportation money and food are given to members and volunteers who are unemployed and cannot afford it. Members who are financially capable pay dues of 10 cedis a month. The team works on creating social media awareness about their work and campaign. Wisdom Dordoe has been working at Fidelity bank for the past ten years and his Vice is a doctor at legon. He, his Vice, and members use their own money to fund the foundation. 

The foundation takes care of young pregnant girls who need support for their babies and themselves. A room is rented on their behalf so they can have a safe place to give birth and to stay with their babies, instead of giving birth on the street and living there. The organization takes care of orphans, educating them and other children whose parents cannot care for them adequately. They help mothers who cannot afford it, to care for their children. They help 50 women to sell on the street. They also help people get out of prison, with the help of lawyers, especially those who need funds, to get out of prison. They have helped 80 people come out of prison. 

Cost Description Cost
Goal $4,750.00
Payment Processing $250.00
Operational Cost $0.00
Total $5,000.00

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