Kyereh's story

The need to reach out especially to rural girls and women in urban slums and shanty towns, even In a lockdown, can not be overemphasized. Simply put, the natural and biological process of menstruation knows no pandemic. The inaccessibility of sanitary products coupled with the exorbitant tax placed on them, classified as luxury goods, makes it more expensive for poor women and girls to purchase.

Girls supported by the Foundation

Many become disadvantaged and resort to unhygienic materials and that comes with its attendant health and reproductive issues. Over the years we have provided Ghanaian women and girls with free menstrual products plus Education on their menstrual hygiene and reproductive health and right. In this pandemic, it has become more essential to still provide this service.

During the lockdown Ghana recorded nine thousand unwanted pregnancies since one of our main objects as an organization is to make sure women have planned pregnancies, during this period of the pandemic we want to be educating marginalized women and girls on Family planning and also provide free family planning methods for these group of women to prevent unplanned pregnancies

Don't Shame Me For It

Kindly donate to support us to push this agenda of providing free menstrual kits plus family planning services for free for women and girls in rural communities and slums.
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Cost Description Cost
Medical Cost $2,850.00
Payment Processing $150.00
Operational Cost $0.00
Total $3,000.00

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