ALIWA's story

Fellows of the Africa Leadership Initiative  (ALI) in Ghana are responding to the Coronavirus Pandemic through a #MaskUp #MaskUpGhana campaign.

Our 3-Tier Battle Plan:
Our aim is to raise GHS 235,000 to procure 15,000 N95 and 15,000 surgical masks for health workers.
~Tier 1: N95 Masks for frontline health personnel
~Tier 2: Surgical Masks for non-frontline health personnel
~Tier 3: Encourage individuals to buy or make their own cloth masks and #MaskUp

Funds already raised: GHS 17,500
Funds were used to purchase 480 N95 masks and boxes of sanitizer for health workers at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital in Accra.

Support our efforts to provide masks for health workers who are on the frontlines, especially those in communities outside of Accra, in regions with confirmed cases.

We are asking the general public to #makeyourownmask using safety guidelines provided on our website. Making our own masks frees up the N95 and surgical masks for those who need it most in our fight against COVID-19.

#MaskUp #MaskUpGhana! Produce your own mask, promote the #MASKUP campaign and donate here to procure masks for frontliners.

Help us help ALL! Together, "we shall overcome."

Cost Description Cost
Medical Cost $0.00
Payment Processing $1,236.80
Operational Cost $0.00
Total $41,228.00

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