Baby Kay needs your help to hear and recite nursery rhymes like any normal kid.

KWODAM's story

Meet Baby Kay
Kay is four and a half years old and should be reciting nursery rhymes like his peers at school but he cannot. He is often isolated because no child wants to play with him. This is because, as Kay was born with a hearing defect, he cannot hear and therefore has been unable to develop language skills.  At age two, he was diagnosed with CONGENITAL BILATERAL PROFOUND SENSORINEURAL HEARING LOSS and fitted with conventional hearing aids; unfortunately, they have not helped. 
Doctors have advised that Kay has to undergo surgery to be fitted with a COCHLEAR IMPLANT.  The cost of the device, surgery, and post-surgery tuning is USD 40,000 (FORTY THOUSAND US DOLLARS). 

Kay's parents have been working two jobs each to save towards the surgery but progress has been slow and they have only been able to raise half of the required amount. Doctors say implantation should ideally be done at age one and a half and certainly by age five. With Kay fast approaching his fifth birthday in a few months (July 2021), time is of the essence.  

Therefore, may we ask for your financial support, please, to help Kay undergo cochlear implant surgery to improve his quality of life.  Thank you kindly.

YOU can  also donate through BANK 
Bank Name: GT Bank Ghana
Account Name: Crowdfrica Organisation
Account Number: 206 108413 6 111.
Bank Branch: Labone
*Reference (Enter Campaign ID):  122

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Cost Description Cost
Goal $20,000.00
Payment Processing $1,000.00
Operational Cost $1,000.00
Total $22,000.00

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