Assistance to build foundation in KG class to read

David's story

About My Students
Most of my students are very active in class, I just face challenges with a few of them. They are like drawing things they see around them.
They lack basic necessities they need for school.

My Class Project
My project is aimed at delivering technology lessons to help students attain the new technology in the system. I would use the normal time periods in class for theory lessons but would ask for additional time that I can use to teach practicals and help the students practice what they’ve learned. The cardboards would be used to draw items with their names on them and paste them in the classrooms. 
With each student having their own storybook I would be able to give them assignments to read by themselves when they go home and this would improve their reading.

Number of students - KG1  32          KG26  = 70
Number of girls - 13                              20
Number of boys -19                               6

project budget

Teacher: MR. David
School: Supom D/A Basic
Class: KG 1 and 2

Cost Description Cost
Supply Cost $127.00
Payment Processing $6.00
Fulfilment Cost $19.00
Total $152.00

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