Arihoona is a ten months old baby from Uganda who needs $250 to get Hydrocephalus surgery.

Arihoona's story

Meet ten months old baby Arihoona from Uganda. She was born at the Nyakibale Hospital, but unfortunately, with a birth defect that occurs when the spine and spinal cord don't form properly, called Spina Bifida. 

The operation for the condition was delayed due to insufficient funds. After the surgery for the Spina Bifida, the Cerebral Spina Fluid reversed backward, resulting in Hydrocephalus. Arihoona has now been referred to a regional hospital called Cure Children's Hospital for Hydrocephalus treatment.

Baby Arihoona's parents Christopher and Irene managed to pay for the first surgery for Spina Bifida. But as peasant farmers, they are unable to afford the $250 urgent treatment their child needs.

"It may take a very long period, many years, to grow food crops, harvest them and sell the surplus from home consumption. "-they said.

Donate to support us raise $250 to help baby Arihoona suffering from Hydrocephalus to get the urgent surgery. 

Cost Description Cost
Goal $250.00
Payment Processing $7.50
Operational Cost $0.00
Total $258.00

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