Another Baby died at the Hospital.

Benedicta's story

Preserving our Tiny Superheroes with our little Gifts

7 months ago, I gave birth to premature babies. I looked on my chest, and there were my tiny twins. I had never seen, heard, or held babies that tiny before. I only survived this journey because of the extensive support from my family and friends and receiving the best health services abroad. Upon my return to Ghana, I decided to visit the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Tema General Hospital because I could only imagine what many mothers there are going through with limited/no resources at our health facilities. 

The evening I visited, I overhead the nurse saying, “We just LOST another BABY, and her mother is in a critical condition.” I teared! Each day, each hour, a newborn somewhere in Ghana dies simply because they are born premature. This could have been the fate of my children.

This year, On my birthday on 23rd June, I am fundraising $5000 and in-kind baby supplies to support the NICU at the Tema General Hospital. I officially launch the $5000 fundraising campaign with a donation from EmmKwab Enterprise of Coral Paints Ghana to undertake a hall painting exercise that will change the atmosphere of the NICU to create a positive psychological impact on mothers, nursing staff and the babies.

 At the very last minute, the painting sponsorship from another company that was locked down, backed out. As heartbreaking as it was, I still wouldn’t give up at the very last minute. I scouted around for more companies I could partner with and walked into EmmKwab Enterprise of Coral Paints Ghana. I told the manager about the cause I’m sharing here and outright, he donated much more than I pitched. Our hall painting exercise was done overnight ready for the campaign on 23rd June.

I can only have this wish come true from the support of all family, friends and my network in the US and around the world. Every penny and item from you will preserve a tiny miracle in Ghana and go to women who find themselves in the situation I was in a few months ago. 

We will supply items like infant bilirubinometer, pulseoxymeter, premie diapers, breast pumps, premie cloths/swaddlers, baby items(wipes,lotion,powder,ointment), paper towels, hand sanitizers, healthy snacks for mothers, baby formula(Similac Neosure, SMA), maternity bags, stationaries. 

With a $10 donation, my birthday wish for raising $5000 and in-kind baby supplies to help reduce the rate of premature deaths in Ghana will come true.

Thank you for joining me in a cause so dear to my heart!


Cost Description Cost
Medical Cost $4,555.00
Payment Processing $145.00
Operational Cost $300.00
Total $5,000.00

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