JOHN's story

Since CoronaVirus (COVID-19) and other diseases are transmitted through physical contact, the need of proper washing of hands with soap under running water is required, and how can it be done safely without affecting the next person to wash his/her hands if the previous attendant is infected?

The Intelligent Hand Washing Machine is a fully automated system that requires absolutely no contact from the user to operate in as much as washing the hands completely and also provides tissue to wipe off water from the hands, and also has amazing features embedded to satisfy the user's likeness.

We want to produce an intelligent handwashing machine with very little or no human manipulation to help fight the spread of COVID 19 and also promote hygiene since it is contactless thus reduces the risk of contracting the virus from surfaces.

The raised amount will be used to increase production by purchasing raw materials for production of a larger quantity of the intellignet handwashing machine.

Cost Description Cost
Supply Cost $0.00
Payment Processing $77.00
Fulfilment Cost $0.00
Total $1,545.00

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