Ama needs $20 to get regular access to healthcare

Ama's story

Ama Baawa is a 60 year-old farmer who lives in Ohua, a small farming community in Ghana. She used to live with her seven children and husband until he passed away few years ago.

Ama loves going to the farm to work, but she is old and sometimes feels tired and unwell. Access to health care is hard and expensive for her because there is no health center in Ohua and no easy transport to the closest clinic, let alone the cost of treatment, which a major problem for the people in the community.

With $20 Ama Baawa can be register on the national health insurance scheme for two years and be able to go for regular check ups and seek care anytime she falls sick.

Cost Description Cost
Year One $6.10
Renewal $5.40
Payment Processing $0.90
Fulfilment (labor & materials) cost $7.60
Total $20.00

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