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Almost 1,020 people have been funded to get access to life-changing healthcare through Crowdfrica's platform, But the truth is that this would not have been possible without the help of amazing developers from around the world who volunteer to contribute their time and skills to code, build and maintain the platform. Some past developers include Cire DIA, Gregory Barrett, Saraswathy Renuga S, Jolyon Pawlyn, Maria Acuna, Moses Ogwo, Raphael Noriode, and others.

Meet the new Avengers adding features, fixing bugs, and improving, and enabling anyone anywhere to fund life-changing healthcare and education for people in need.   

Just follow the image 1-3 😄

1. Name: Mohan Pichikala
Bio: I have ten years of experience in web technology application development and worked with different technology stacks like RoR, node js, nest js, React, Docker, Kubernetes, rabbitmq, graphql after I finished my master’s degree.
I’m helping Crowdfrica because it’s a kind of welfare app that helps the poor and collects the basic needs for a human being to live.

Role: Volunteer, developer
Location: India

2. Name: Santiago Leon

Bio: An Argentine web developer. Curious about technology since I was a child.
My greatest passion is traveling on a motorcycle and developing.  It is very nice to see how Crowdfrica helps others, and I wanted to contribute my knowledge to help people in need in Africa.

Role: Volunteer, Full Stack RoR - Web Developer
Location: Córdoba, Argentina.

3. Name: Younes el Boraki

Bio: I’m a software developer, and I’m passionate about learning and excelling at new technologies open source. I keep teaching myself by building personal projects; I joined crowdfrica because I love contributing to volunteering work to use my skills and meet new people from around the world and help other people.

Role: Volunteer, developer
Location: Morocco

Do you want to volunteer / Intern ?  Apply here 

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